Gaia Green Organics Worm Castings


Let's Take A Look Inside...

Gaia Green Organics Worm Castings are the perfect way to improve your soil quality and encourage healthy plant growth. These worm castings are produced in a climate controlled environment, ensuring that they are of the highest quality.

Gaia Green Worm Castings

Gaia Green Organics Worm Castings is a well-known brand that is known for providing high-quality worm castings at a good price.

The products are highly rated and are made in the Canada and USA with no additives. The worm castings can be used in gardens, landscaping, containers and raised beds for vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, vines, trees and shrubs.

They can also be used as a premium vermicompost to enhance the aeration and drainage properties of soil. The worm castings are available in multiple sizes to suit your needs and can be applied as top dressing, side dressing or directly in the soil.


  • Improves Aeration
  • Improves Soil Structure
  • Aids In Drainage
  • Improves Overall Growth
  • All-Natural
  • Available In Canada & The USA
  • Highly Rated

That's A Wrap!

Gaia Green Organics Worm castings are an excellent source of nutrients and can help your plants thrive. They can also be used to make compost tea, which is a great way to fertilize your plants. And during transplanting, these worm castings can help reduce stress on your plants.

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