Coast Of Maine Worm Castings


Let's Take A Look Inside...

Coast of Maine Worm Castings Blend is a rich, earthy addition to your garden that helps improve soil health and provides valuable nutrients to plants. Made with a special blend of composted worm castings, this organic soil amendment is perfect for use in gardens, flower beds, and containers.

Coast Of Maine Earthworm Castings

Coast of Maine’s Worm Castings Blend is perfect for flowers and vegetables, and can be used in hanging pots and gardens. This organic compost is made from earthworm castings, and is rich in humus, enzymes, microbial life, and peat composition. It’s also OMRI-listed and preservative-free. Not to mention, it encourages water-retention and improves drainage.


  • OMRI Listed
  • Improves Drainage
  • Encourages Water Retention
  • Multi-Packs Available
  • Good Price
  • Highly Rated

That's A Wrap!

This perfect density blend is ideal for all plants, and can be used as a top dress for houseplants or as a component in compost tea. It’s also odorless, and will help assist plants with rooting. Highly rated and available at a great price, this is one worm cast blend you don’t want to miss out on.

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